Engaging OMNIS Meeting with Students of ASPIRA University in Split

Engaging OMNIS Meeting with Students of ASPIRA University in Split

19 Students at ASPIRA University of Applied Sciences in Split recently participated in an engaging event dedicated to the OMNIS project, which focuses on enhancing accessible tourism. The session aimed to educate and involve students in welcoming blind, visually impaired travelers, and those accompanied by service dogs presenting to them the training session produced by the project.

The event began with Neno Bašić-Kostadinović from Shuttle d.o.o. presenting the OMNIS Project and outlining the day's agenda. Following the opening, students engaged in training sessions focused on accessible tourism practices. To measure the effectiveness of the training, attendees completed surveys both before and after the sessions.

The day concluded with a brainstorming session, where participants shared their innovative ideas for accessible activities and experiences. This initiative was part of the ongoing call for ideas led by project partners, encouraging students to contribute to the potential of accessible tourism in their region.

Overall, the event was a great success, providing valuable insights and fostering a more inclusive approach to tourism.

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