OMNIS Launches Call for Ideas to Engage Local Tourism Stakeholders

OMNIS Launches Call for Ideas to Engage Local Tourism Stakeholders

The Catria and Nerone Mountain Union and Shuttle have disseminated a call for ideas aimed at gathering insights on accessible and sustainable points of interest, itineraries, and experiences (such as visits and restaurants). Additionally, Risposte Turismo will encourage the involvement of students and young people. The call also seeks to identify potential obstacles in these points of interest, marking a novel approach in the tourism sector. 

Specifically, the call aims to gather "hyperlocal" insights, leveraging the collective wisdom of local stakeholders for a diverse range of ideas. Its objectives extend to mapping the territory's attractions, focusing on accessibility and uncovering hidden gems. By identifying accessibility challenges, the aim is to enhance inclusive experiences for all travelers. Furthermore, promoting sustainability is integral, ensuring initiatives align with preserving natural and cultural heritage.

The call is directed at local tourism stakeholders, preferably those who have participated in the training sessions. Their contributions play a crucial role in crafting accessible, sustainable, and memorable tourism experiences for two target traveler groups often overlooked by traditional tourism practices, yet possessing significant market potential for territorial development. Especially for public bodies, this is an opportunity to enrich the territory's tourism offerings and promote local best practices in accessibility. For tourist companies offering accessible services, inclusion in the tourist packages we co-create together offers visibility on a website dedicated to showcasing these products.

To engage as many stakeholders as possible, an event will be held in May to introduce the call, providing participants with an opportunity to offer feedback during the event itself. 

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