Online Transnational Training Sessions for Tourism Stakeholders Now Available on Youtube

Online Transnational Training Sessions for Tourism Stakeholders Now Available on Youtube

We're thrilled to announce that Risposte Turismo, with the support of the Catria and Nerone Mountain Union and Shuttle, has released two videos on YouTube. These videos, available in English, Croatian, and Italian, are designed to train tourism stakeholders identified through stakeholder analysis conducted in the initial phase of the project, as well as young individuals from tourism high schools and universities.

These training sessions, available in video and podcast formats, are crafted to focus on developing sustainable, participatory, and inclusive itineraries and packages. They draw from the insights and best practices outlined in the "Sustainable Travel Trends Research in Italy and Croatia's Coastal and Inner Areas Report."

Our mini-series kicks off with Domenico Sarleti, CEO of Tripdoggy Srl, who shares invaluable tips on how to warmly welcome travelers with dogs, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Tripdoggy stands as Italy's largest community of travelers with dogs, boasting over 15,000 members.

Continuing the series, Ines Hlevnjak, Project Manager at the County Association of Blind and Visually Impaired People in Split, sheds light on accommodating visually impaired and blind travelers. Her expertise provides valuable insights on empathetic and accessible approaches to meet the needs of travelers with visual disabilities.

Detailed instructions for executing the trainings are provided in the video descriptions, including the completion of two questionnaires, one before and another after viewing, to monitor the positive impact of the sessions.

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