The first two reports of OMNIS Project are published

The first two reports of OMNIS Project are published

Risposte Turismo and the other two project partners, Catria and Nerone Mountain Union and Shuttle realised two reports which are the groundwork of the whole project.

The first report Sustainable travel trends research in Italy and Croatia's coastal and inner areas is a beneficial instrument for the OMNIS project partner to understand better the current tourism situation, the targets to be involved, and the offer of the OMNIS project areas. In particular, 10 relevant themes were identified and analysed, based on the tourist resources of each OMNIS project areas, upon which the itineraries will be created, focusing on the needs and desires of the targets of people travelling with their pets and visually impaired people eventually travelling with their guide dogs.  They are 1) Wine Tourism; 2) Oil, cheese, and other food specialities; 3) Tradition-heritage (focus on local culture); 4) Active tourism; 5) Relax, detox, and wellness; 6) Natural and geological tourism; 7) Archaeological; 8) Religious; 9) Shopping and artisanal products; 10) Traditional music and local festivals.

The second one called Tourism Stakeholders analysis is a work detailing the tourism stakeholders such as accommodations, associations, digital platforms, public authorities, restaurants, tourism organizations, attractions, transportation, wineries, etc., divided into two groups between stakeholders directly operating with the OMNIS project targets and general tourism stakeholders of the OMNIS projects areas relevant for the 10 themes identified.

For more details, look at the OMNIS website library.

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