Focus groups realized in Split and Cantiano

Focus groups realized in Split and Cantiano

OMNIS partners realized two focus groups meant to validate the themes for the itineraries and packages of the OMNIS project, along with a panel of tourists and the local population.

They have been held in December 2023 in Cantiano and Split  with more than 30 representatives from associations, as well as public and private entities.

On December 21, 2023, Shuttle orchestrated an impactful Focus Group in Split to scrutinise and enhance themes for OMNIS project itineraries. The meeting was attended by 10 engaged tourists and residents.

To elevate engagement, Shuttle curated a unique olive oil-tasting experience, adding a distinctive flavour to the event. This paved the way for a comprehensive discussion, exploring travel challenges, information sources, and travel inspirations.

 A heartfelt thank you to all participants for their active involvement and invaluable insights!

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