Dream with your eyes wide open. Make a step into the world of Dalmatia as it once was and discover a world full of myths of the past times, quietness and long forgotten traditions which are stopped in space and time. The eternal play of stone and greenery makes it a world of peace, primordial clearness and unspoilt nature. Here eyes and soul find rest, man becomes a noble, but wiser listening to the sounds of the mountains while enjoying local gastronomy.


seloThis extremely attractive destination for both local and foreign tourists is surrounded by mountains and untuched nature in the close vicinity of Split. The very complex celebrates the tradition of the architecture and the way of life in Dalmatian Zagora in past centuries making it an excellent combination of bygone days and present time. It is visited by lovers of fine gastronomy, people seeking rest and escape from everyday life.


This compelling programme offers you :

karta_split_salona_trogirOption 1 ‘Gastro ethno experience’ – Visit to the village and its facilities. Experience the traditional Dalmatia in a way their ancestors lived, amused themselves, ate and drank. • Duration: 120 min • Min 6 pax, max 50 pax • Price: cca 70 eur per person (departure from Split or its surroundings)

Option 2 Visit to the village and its facilities. Learn how to make home-made bread prepared under a traditional iron bell. • Duration: 90 min • Price: 80 eur per person (departure from Split)

Option 3 Half day culinary workshop with 6 courses and your own personal chef who will teach you how to prepare some of the most famous traditional Dalmation dishes using homemade ingredients. • Duration: half day • Price: cca 170 – 200 eur per person (depending on the size of the group

  • 70 – 200 €
  • Price is based on option and group size!

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