Culinary Experience – Taste Dalmatia

How would you like to spend one week in Croatia during your vacation, in one of the most beautiful Mediterranean and European country, and learn to cook traditional Croatian specialties, along with most famous Croatian chefs?

BCP_9740Program Taste Dalmatia offers that! We offer to our clients best culinary experience with multiday programs that consists of cultural events, historical monuments, and of course amazing food. Every culinary lesson starts with basic characteristics that are connected with cuisine of each region. Choose Dalmatian, Istrian, or Slavonian cuisine, experience, from the very beginning, taste and history of that meal and discover the influence of the Austro-Hungaria, Italy, Orient or Napoleon France that make Croatian cuisine so special.

We will introduce to you basic ingredients of each cuisine, with basic spices, their best combination, and at the end, with final result – dish, which is very famous from the region where it comes from. Along with that, our mission is also to approach to you best sorts of Croatian wines and their best combination with traditional dishes, either red or white, from Dalmatian coast or continental Croatia, with most famous Croatian sommeliers.

Your program guides, top Croatian chefs, will show you how to make most famous Croatian deserts, so you could get complete image of Croatian cuisine.

10Our tours are designed in a way that they include almost everything: from accommodation in the best 4**** or 5 ***** family hotels and villas, from regions all over Croatia, transfers and escort all the time during your trip, culinary lesson with famous Croatian chefs, every day wine tasting and trips and excursions to the most interesting destinations of the region where you will be staying.

Along with whole culinary program which is planned before, one part of the day is always left to you, as your free time, which you can use for sightseeing on your will, of the city where you are staying, shopping or any other activity which you want to experience during your free time.